Reliability + Quality = Double Check Lily

With more than 12 hectares of glass spread over 4 locations, Double Check Lily is one of the largest lily growers in the Netherlands. 20 million lilies are grown annually on 12.4 hectares. Both LA’s and Orientals Lilies. You can think of the following Van Zanten cultivars: Tourega and Kingsville. “With every choice we make: from product range expansion to sustainability, the quality and reliability of the end product is the most important,” says André Reijm, co-owner of Double Check Lily. Reliability not only characterizes the end product, it is also the mentality of the company: do what you promise!

Product Range.
As a company you have to stay in de game, continuously innovate and respond to the wishes of the market. We innovate in different areas at the same time. We innovate in: Lily assortment, technology and environment. The lily assortment must be in balance. A balance between specials – new varieties – with which we can distinguish ourselves as a company. And of course which the florist can also distinguish himself with and surprises the consumer. Because that is what we ultimately do it for. The consumer. To achieve this, we work closely with breeders such as Royal Van Zanten.

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