Royal Van Zanten: Entering Spring With Chic

During previous visits to Russia and Belarus, we learned that our CHIC is known there as ‘Romashka’. Many fields of Romashka (daisy) are flowering around the start of spring, especially in Belarus. As a result, Romashka symbolises the start of spring there. The bright, cheerful image of the blooming flowers creates a sunny atmosphere in many households; a real mood booster after a long winter.

With its intense white colour and fresh, bright green centre, our CHIC is the perfect match for this spring mood! That is why we have entered into a partnership with the Roza Azora Flower School, to draw more attention to CHIC, specifically during this period. The initial idea has been further elaborated, fine-tuned and implemented. The end result is fantastic: it clearly shows how our CHIC can be used as an atmosphere-enhancing (spring) flower! The Roza Azora Flower School is represented by Olga Gaydukevich, who knows all there is to know about what is going on with florists and flower lovers in Russia and Belarus. An excellent social media campaign is currently being rolled out!

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