How to Combat Three Critical Threats to Your Meat Business in 2022

Stop me if you’ve heard this — and I know you have, because I say it all the time to anyone listening: As a meat processor, your biggest concern is NOT other meat producers. In fact, they could be your best allies in a shared struggle to combat the biggest threats currently facing the meat industry.

Meat Tech 101: Advancements Changing the Definition of ‘Meat’

A short time ago in a land not so far away, when you went to the grocery store to buy meat, you could reasonably assume everything in the meat case was made from responsibly harvested livestock and that the ingredients list would include, well, meat. Today, food technology has advanced to a point where the definition of “meat” is a bit fuzzier than it once was.

The Delectable Truth About Burgers

A quintessential American summer just isn’t complete without the sound of juicy beef burgers sizzling on the grill.

See Why More Meat Consumers are Hopping on Board the Charcuterie Trend

May 17, 2021 Midan Marketing

From 15th century French origins to social media phenomenon – charcuterie has made an impressive and visually pleasing comeback.

Midan Marketing: 10 Insights About Today’s Natural and Organic Meat Consumers

February 18, 2021 Midan Marketing

In December, Midan Marketing surveyed a national sample of 1,000 purchasers of natural and organic meat. Here is the breakdown of the study respondents: