Dairies Are Desperate to Get Americans to Drink Milk Again

February 18, 2020 Laura Yin, Bloomberg

Dairy producers are betting on it. Facing an unprecedented and protracted slump in demand, the industry is coming up with all sorts of innovations. That includes new flavors like wild blueberry, dips like fiesta sour cream, new packaging and, sometime next year, cartons with cookies attached.

Lawmaker Encourages More Milk Consumption

February 5, 2020 JOHN WHITTAKER, Post Journal

Jones, D-Plattsburgh, vehemently disagrees with a proposal to ban flavored milk in New York City’s 1,200 schools

Survey Says: 86% of US Adults Prefer Dairy Milk and Large Margin Want Increased Milk Offerings in School Meals

A new Morning Consult national tracking poll of 2,200 Americans points to a number of revealing consumer preferences for milk and related beverages. When given the option to choose among whole, reduced fat 2%, low fat 1%, skim, other (almond, soy, oat, other plant-based, lactose-free), or “do not consume” milk, respondents overwhelmingly chose 2% and whole milks because they believe they are most nutritious for themselves and their families.

Milk Industry Wants People to Remember Why They Love it in the Face of Competition

November 22, 2019 Jessica Wohl. Ad Age

Milk sales have fallen for years as many people are consuming less milk for a variety of reasons. Some are cutting back on animal products, or eliminating them from their diets altogether, turning instead to alternatives like almond milk, oat milk and soy milk.

Colorado’s Milk-Delivery Companies Are Boosting Business Even as Milk Consumption Declines

The milk-delivery business is going strong along the Front Range, where the three remaining companies that bring fresh milk from local dairies to doorsteps report a steady uptick in customers.