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MilkPEP Selects GALE to Lead Marketing Efforts as Americans Increasingly Embrace Milk Consumption

March 19, 2021 GALE

With milk consumption resurging as people largely stayed home and went online in unprecedented numbers last year, MilkPEP set out to choose a new type of brand partner to bring a modern and integrated approach to storytelling and marketing.

Would You Pay More for Milk that has a Redundant Label?

The dairy industry is especially sensitive to consumer demands and in recent years several processors, in particular yogurt makers, have aimed to increase non-GMO dairy product availability and sales, despite a well-established organic dairy industry. This could create multiple instances in which a redundant labeling strategy may be essential to reducing consumer confusion and holding on to a contentious market share for organic producers and processors.

Decline in Milk Consumption by Children in School Lunch Programs May Affect Future Health

August 24, 2020 Journal of Dairy Science

In an article appearing in the Journal of Dairy Science, scientists from North Carolina State University and Cornell University studied key contributors to increasing milk consumption among children.

Inuvo Drives Brand Awareness for Dairy Board Using IntentKey Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Technology

July 23, 2020 Inuvo

The success of the campaign led to an improved engagement with videos, greater interest in dairy recipes being promoted, and an enhanced engagement with the site. This success has led to an expansion of the program into performance-driven packaged goods campaigns designed to enthuse audience members to add dairy products to their online grocery orders.

Dairies Are Desperate to Get Americans to Drink Milk Again

February 18, 2020 Laura Yin, Bloomberg

Dairy producers are betting on it. Facing an unprecedented and protracted slump in demand, the industry is coming up with all sorts of innovations. That includes new flavors like wild blueberry, dips like fiesta sour cream, new packaging and, sometime next year, cartons with cookies attached.