Oikos Debuts Super Bowl LV Ad, Featuring New Oikos PRO, and Announces Grant Program to Help Strengthen the Fitness Industry

February 1, 2021 Danone North America

In tandem with its new Super Bowl ad which salutes these fierce #PROFACEs, Oikos® PRO is launching Oikos® PRO for Pros, a grant program, to help give independent fitness businesses and trainers the support and strength they need.

Oikos Debuts Protein-Packed Line of Dairy Products, Oikos Pro

January 18, 2021 Danone North America

To kick off a new year, Oikos® is launching a collection of high-protein dairy products: Oikos Pro. Conveniently packaged in both snackable cup and drinkable bottle forms, Oikos® Pro provides high-quality protein and calcium – important nutrients to help fitness fans support strong muscles and bones.

Oikos Triple Zero Challenges Fans to Share Their Grocery Carrying Strength on TikTok With #OikosOneTrip

October 5, 2020 Danone North America

Oikos® Triple Zero, the Official Yogurt of the NFL, has debuted its TikTok channel and launched the #OikosOneTrip challenge to bring the brand’s Stronger Makes Everything Better™ platform to life alongside the start of the NFL season.

Oikos Triple Zero Debuts New Partnership With Saquon Barkley in Ad Series That Champions Everyday Strength

August 18, 2020 Danone North America

Oikos® Triple Zero, the Official Yogurt of the NFL, celebrates the NFL season kick-off with two new ads, staring New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley, as part of its Stronger Makes Everything Better™ campaign.

Oikos Triple Zero Recognizes NFL-Sized Muscles And Tears In New Draft Day Ad

April 23, 2020 Danone North America

During this special NFL Draft, the brand encourages everyone from the sport’s mightiest draftees, to fans at home, to come together and share our emotions – from strong claps to a good strong cry!