Award-Winning Hybrid Packaging Delivers on Sustainability Promises

Since its launch in 2020, the PaperSeal® range of trays from Graphic Packaging International (“Graphic Packaging”) has proven that it can satisfy the growing imperative for packaging to have greater circularity and be more sustainable. Developed in partnership with G. Mondini, the world leader in tray sealing technology, the PaperSeal tray is the ideal solution for businesses looking for a more sustainable way of packaging fresh and processed meat, chilled and frozen ready meals, cheese, snacks, salad and fruit.

New Seasons Market Updates Private Label Fresh Pasta Packaging Reducing Plastic Use by 91%

April 4, 2022 New Seasons Market

Neighborhood grocer New Seasons Market today announced it will transition its private label Partner Brand Fresh Pasta packaging from plastic clamshells to a more environmentally preferable alternative, PaperSeal® MAP trays. The PaperSeal modified atmosphere packaging trays are produced by Graphic Packaging International (GPI), the world’s leading manufacturer of paper-based packaging, and New Seasons Market will be the first domestic retailer to use this innovation.

Graphic Packaging International Launches PaperSeal Slice and Wedge Solutions For Sliced Meat and Cheese Applications

Paper-based packaging leader Graphic Packaging International (‘Graphic Packaging’) will launch two innovations to extend its award-winning PaperSeal® tray range for new applications.

Harpak-ULMA Launches Its PaperSeal Sustainable Food Packaging System

August 31, 2020 Harpak-ULMA

Harpak-ULMA today announced the official launch of its innovative PaperSeal® packaging technology as part of the company’s initiative to fundamentally rethink packaging systems to promote green packaging alternatives across the food industry.