Alaskan Peony Farmers Head Into Uncertain Summer


Peony farmers around the state are busy trimming, watering, and fighting off fungus in their farms in anticipation of the first blooms. Being cooler, Alaska’s peony season doesn’t typically start until late June, stretching out through August and even into September.

WSU Scientists Find a Slate of Unexpected Diseases in Peony

Farmers in Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and other states grow the peony for a thriving domestic market, but these growers are often stymied when diseases strike their crops.

Peony Scientist Breaks New Ground For Cut Flowers

September 9, 2019 Mirage News

One of the world’s most popular flowers – the peony – can now be grown in hot climates, following a discovery that could disrupt the multi-billion dollar global cut flower industry.

Summer Heat Accelerates Alaska Peony Harvest

Alaska peonies have a special place in the world flower market. Typically, growers in the 49th state have a window of time when the flowers aren’t being harvested anywhere else in the world. But, this summer’s record-breaking heat led to an early and fast harvest, leaving farmers here wondering what the future will bring.

Alaska Peony Farmer Rita Jo Shoultz Appointed First Chair of Certified American Grown Council

The members of the council are flower and greens farmers from throughout the United States who are committed to a unified promotional and advocacy effort that establishes an identifiable and iconic brand that communicates to the public the domestic origins as well as the high quality, freshness and consistency of American Grown Flowers.