Massachusetts Expands Shellfish Closures in Tisbury Great Pond

November 20, 2019 Will Sennott, Vineyard Gazette

Two small sections of the Tisbury Great Pond have been closed to shellfishing following state testing that found increased levels of bacteria from fecal coliform.

Dorian Prompts Oyster Harvest Emergency Closures

September 10, 2019 Chesapeake Bay Magazine

The Virginia Department of Health has closed several river portions to shellfish harvesting over concerns about Hurricane Dorian’s impact.

Shellfish Harvest Sites Closed for Unusually Long Time

August 21, 2019 Associated Press

Maine has recently lifted long closures of several shellfish harvest sites due to the potentially fatal biological toxin known as red tide.

Health Officials Reopen Part of James River to Shellfish

March 8, 2019 Associated Press

Health officials in Virginia have reopened part of the James River in the Newport News area to shellfish harvesting.