Sun Valley Hydrangea Season in Arcata

August 19, 2021 Sun Valley Group

Hydrangea season has arrived in Arcata! Hydrangeas do so well in our climate that driving around our coastal community you can spot these gorgeous flowers growing in nearly every yard.

Sun Valley Group: Calling All Calla Lovers

August 13, 2021 Sun Valley Group

This week our Northern California farm has been enveloped in what we locals call Fogust. As the name implies, Fogust is a regional weather phenomenon that brings unseasonably foggy days during the month of August. The fog does clear up for a few hours each day but we are left with long, gloomy mornings and chilly evenings that leave you hankering for Fall.

It’s Astilbe Season at Sun Valley

August 10, 2021 Sun Valley Group

Astilbe is in season on our Arcata farm! Sun Valley Group has been growing this fluffy favorite for several years, and the consensus on the farm is that this is the best season yet.

Royal Season at Sun Valley

June 9, 2021 Sun Valley Group

With temperatures on the rise and al fresco gatherings at an all time high due to COVID safety protocols, Sun Valley Group has found the perfect bloom for your outdoor tablescapes—Royal Lilies.

The Moms of Sun Valley

“In celebration of Mother’s Day I tracked down as many of the Mother-Child teams as I could. It was heart-warming to learn that we have so many team members who love working for Sun Valley so much that they convinced their relatives to join the team as well!”