Sea Waltz Season at Sun Valley Group

There are a lot of benefits when buying your flowers direct from the farm, such as freshness and quality control, but one benefit that you may not be aware of is direct communication with the grower.

Sun Valley’s Award Winning Sonata Lilies are Ready for Easter

April 9, 2019 Sun Valley Group

No other Holiday is more Lily-Centric than Easter. This is a great time to up-sell our huge Sonata Lilies and truly delight and amaze your customers. Our Oriental-Trumpet Hybrids are stunning.

Sun Valley Group: Feel the Viburnum

Sun Valley’s Viburnum Season is just kicking off. These mop-topped beauties signal that spring has truly arrived at our farm in Willow Creek, CA.

Siblings Day Preparations | April 10th

Do you realize that 80% of Americans have siblings? With the 2017 population at 325 million Americans, this mean 260 million people are eligible to receive flowers on Siblings Day. Of course, flowers are the perfect way to celebrate the relationship with your brother and sisters.

Sun Valley Group Offers Fancy Tulip Varieties Cheat Sheet

The 2019 Tulip Season is off to an amazing start and Sun Valley is the your go-to farm for the best quality and best varieties.