It’s Viburnum Season at Sun Valley

April 28, 2021 Sun Valley Group

Growing in the mountains always mean the potential for big temperature swings but this year the temperature has been especially erratic and pushed our Viburnum harvest back several weeks. At long last, we have a bountiful harvest of these colorful stems!”

The Sun Valley Group Debuts Humboldt Gold Potting Mix

April 14, 2021 The Sun Valley Group

Nestled at the back of our farm is a massive dirt pile we affectionately call “Compost Mountain”. This rich, fertile mix of composted Redwood and Douglas Fir bark is what we use to grow our premium cut-flowers.

The Sun Valley Group’s Lane DeVries Issues Announcement on Growing Operations

May 21, 2020 Sun Valley Group

“The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused unprecedented devastation in the floral industry and has also affected our company in many ways. These extraordinary conditions have necessitated us to look at ways to find a sustainable path forward.”

A Message From Lane DeVries, President and CEO of Sun Valley Group

March 16, 2020 Sun Valley Group

The events surrounding the recent COVID-19 pandemic have caused much fear, panic and uncertainty in America and around the world.

Sun Valley Group: Sumatra Season is Here

November 27, 2019 Sun Valley Group's Flower Talk

The Sumatra Lily features a stunningly saturated burgundy color that looks striking in fall and winter bouquets. The subtle white ruffled edges on this lily make it look almost as if it were kissed by snow.