Fear Not, Sun Valley Has Your Callas

The market for Callas has been very tight with much consolidation in the industry in the last couple years, but fear not, Sun Valley has you covered.

“Dutch Lane” Tulip Named After Lane DeVries

Last week at the International Floriculture Exposition in Miami, our own Lane DeVries was surprised with a very special ceremony. A new variety of tulip, bred in Holland, was named in his honor.

Interview with Lane DeVries: the Science of Growing LA Hybrids

We grow of Royals planted directly in the ground, covered with plastic hoop houses. Years ago we grew them under glass, but we’ve found that these lilies respond very well to the full UV spectrum of light. Glass greenhouses block UV-B, which is why you can’t get a sunburn through glass.

Sun Valley Group offers Royal Lily Promotional Pricing

May 20, 2019 Sun Valley Group

Our gorgeous LA Hybrids are coming in fast, and this is a great time for you to hop on board with some promotional opportunities and enjoy this Royal Flush!

Sustainability: Mother’s Day Marketing

As we approach Mother’s Day, a key factor you should be marketing to your customers is sustainability. Not all blooms are grown to the same standards, and as sons and daughters purchase flowers for their mom, they will be thinking about where the flowers came from and how they were grown.