The Moms of Sun Valley

Mother’s Day on the farm is my favorite time of the year! In the weeks leading up to the big day the farm is buzzing around the clock as our team works to get flowers picked, bunched, boxed, and loaded on the truck.

My love for Mother’s Day began when I joined the Sun Valley team in April 2017. Starting just before the biggest holiday in floral was quite the crash course into this exciting industry. I spent hundreds of hours packing boxes for our D2C brand and partners. Those very early morning days flew by as I packed each box and imagined all the moms who were going to receive a box of beautiful flowers the following day.

The week before Mother’s Day 2019, I gave birth to my daughter, Orla Bloom, and the excitement of Mother’s Day took on a whole new meaning.

It wasn’t long before Orla was working alongside me. Sleeping in my arms as I checked emails in the morning or making regular visits to the farm for weekend greenhouse walks and photoshoots.

At this point Orla has spent countless hours on the farm, and while she isn’t old enough to be an official team member, she did get me wondering how many Mother-Child team members we have on the farm.

In celebration of Mother’s Day I tracked down as many of the Mother-Child teams as I could. It was heart-warming to learn that we have so many team members who love working for Sun Valley so much that they convinced their relatives to join the team as well!

Read below and get to know just a few of our multi-generational team members and find out what they love about working with one another.

Rosie, Stickering & Fabi, Transportation

“I love that we have the same schedule and we get to see each other during the day!” says mom, Rosie

Karen & Cinthia, Wet Pack

This mother-daughter duo not only live together, they both work in the same department! “I like that we get to see each other all the time & the atmosphere of the department is great!” Says mom, Karen

Cindy, E-Comm Sales Manager & Sebastian, Lily Bunching

“I love working with my son! Working together gives us the opportunity to connect and catch up in quick moments throughout the day. It’s good for my heart and mind!” says mom, Cindy

Gaby, Tulip Bunching & Jose, Shipping

Have you ever worked with your mom? If not, would you? We would love to know! Also, let us know what flowers you are sending this Mother’s Day!