Emerging Floral in China

The floral world in China is expanding and becoming more like the U.S. market. While mass market floral sales in China in supermarkets and convenience stores have yet to be developed, e-commerce companies are increasingly playing a significant role in delivering fresh-cut flower bouquets to consumers in China.

One Network Enterprises Announces Enhancements to the Supply Chain Business Network for the Restaurant & Foodservice Industry

August 23, 2019 One Network Enterprises

“For the Restaurant & Food Service industry, driving forecast accuracy from sixty or seventy percent into the nineties is a big deal, and our platform makes it possible,” said Greg Brady, CEO of One Network Enterprises.

inTEAM Announces: Premier and US Foods to Support Nourish to Flourish K-12 Supply Chain Pilots

August 23, 2019 inTEAM

This joint effort is designed to improve supply chain efficiencies by integrating GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) into routine business processes for K-12 operators to assist in compliance with USDA regulations.