Pittsburgh Penguins Partnership Shares Beef Strength Message

The Pennsylvania Beef Council (PBC) is sharing the message of beef and strength through a sponsorship with the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2019-20 season. The checkoff-funded effort between the PBC and the Penguins highlights beef as one powerful protein while also sharing sustainability messaging where appropriate.

Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion & Research Board Announces New Officers

February 7, 2020 The Beef Checkoff Program

Cattle producers Jared Brackett, Hugh Sanburg and Norman Voyles, Jr. are the new leaders of the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion & Research Board (CBB). This officer team is responsible for guiding the national Beef Checkoff throughout 2020.

Producers Across Pennsylvania and the Northeast Support New Theater-Focused Beef Promotion Campaign This Holiday Season

November 21, 2019 The Beef Checkoff Program

The Pennsylvania Beef Council and the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative are providing support to a delicious national beef video campaign this holiday season. Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner. is releasing a new Beef Drool Log video that will add holiday flavor to workplaces, dinner parties, or nights at home with the family.

Newly Published White Paper Outlines Minimal Environmental Impact of U.S. Beef

November 15, 2019 The Beef Checkoff Program

A new white paper detailing the minimal environmental footprint of beef production in the U.S. was recently published by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff. The white paper, authored by Sara Place, PhD, former senior director of sustainable beef production research at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, highlights why and how the U.S. is the leader in sustainable beef production.

Culinary Techniques to Meet Patient Diagnoses Among Physicians

November 15, 2019 The Beef Checkoff Program

The Beef Checkoff’s Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative (NEBPI) began a year-long partnership with the academy in January 2019, which granted the checkoff participation at their annual fall and spring meetings, as well as many touchpoint opportunities throughout the year. This fall gathering drew nearly 170 family physicians, residents and students, from across Commonwealth, for the three-day educational event.