Royal Van Zanten Flowerbulbs Tulip Week

March 10, 2023 Royal Van Zanten

It is tulip time again! The tulip symbolises the beginning of spring and is known as the most cheerful flower in the Netherlands – bringing a smile to everyone’s face. Research by the Dutch Horticultural Marketing Board has shown that the tulip has positive associations, such as cheerful, colourful, sturdy and typically Dutch.

80,000 Tulips to Illuminate San Francisco’s Union Square on American Tulip Day in Celebration of International Women’s Day

February 27, 2023 Royal Anthos

On March 4, 2023, American Tulip Day is returning to San Francisco. Union Square will be transformed by 80,000 American-grown tulips, grown from Dutch bulbs, in honor of International Women’s Day. The public is invited to come and pick a free bouquet of tulips for themselves or as a gift to a woman who has inspired them this past year.

100,000 Tulips to Blanket San Francisco’s Union Square on Flower Bulb Day in Honor of International Women’s Day

February 22, 2022 Garden Media Group

American-produced tulips, grown from European bulbs, are returning to San Francisco’s Union Square on March 5, 2022, for Flower Bulb Day. To celebrate International Women’s Day, the public is invited to pick a free bouquet of American-grown tulips from the donated 100,000 tulips for themselves or to gift to a woman that has inspired them this year.

Triumph Tulip is the Flower Bulb of the Year

September 7, 2021 iBulb

Every year, Dutch flower bulb traders choose the Flower Bulb of the Year. The Triumph tulip is this year’s winner. This strong tulip with a typical tulip shape is a great way to brighten up the garden.

Skagit Valley’s Tulip Growers Endure, Adjust Expectations

As the COVID-19 pandemic ramped up locally a year ago, the family that owns RoozenGaarde and Washington Bulb Co. found itself with millions of flowers without buyers at the height of tulip season.