For the Love of Tulips: A History

September 18, 2020 Main Wholesale Florist

For as long as there have been flowers, people have loved tulips! They are the perfect flower for any occasion or time of year. With a variety of colors and texture, it is no surprise these wholesale flowers are highly sought after. Where did this admiration come from and why can’t we get enough of this lovely bloom?

Sun Valley Group: Obsessing Over Tulips

Feeling good about your flowers is important. Sun Valley tulips are grown with the upmost care and dedication. We obsess over our tulips.

Tulip Sales Becoming More International and Drawing Larger Public to Tulip Trade Event

February 18, 2019 Tulip Trade Event

From Wednesday to Friday, March 20 – 22, the international tulip sector is gathering again for the Tulip Trade Event. Given the constantly expanding export to new countries, the event is attracting a new group of visitors, as was evident last year.