Boosting the Nutritional Bounty of Carrots and Onions

May 2, 2022 USDA ARS

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists are looking to beef up your salad—not with complementary slices of tender chicken, steak or other meat but rather new, improved varieties of carrot and onion.

USDA Unveils New Disease Resistant Honeysweet Plum

Meet the Honeysweet Plum: A virus-resistant plum that ARS hopes to bring to market soon. They are large and oblong with a very sweet, flavorful taste.

Fall Seasonal Effects Connected to E. coli Outbreaks in Bagged Romaine

April 14, 2022 USDA ARS

Agricultural Research Service scientists have begun to uncover details underlying a pattern of seasonal E. coli O157:H7 outbreaks linked to bagged romaine lettuce.

Saving the Future of Chocolate: New Research Aims to Stop Loss of Cacao Plant

March 17, 2022 USDA ARS

Chocolate is made from cacao beans, and research shows that 20 – 40 percent of the world’s cacao beans are lost to cacao plant diseases. This presents a major problem as the confectionary industry depends heavily on chocolate. Similarly, chocolate candies are also a major market for U.S. agricultural commodities such as peanuts, almonds, milk, and sugar. Demand for chocolate has been steadily increasing and there is a fear that one day cacao plant diseases may prevent enough cacao bean production to meet consumer need.

Natural Sweetener Stevia Makes a Gutsy Comeback

February 22, 2022 USDA ARS

Good news for consumers seeking healthy sugar substitutes! ARS scientists with the Dairy and Functional Foods Unit in Wyndmoor, PA, have made an exciting discovery, finding that the popular natural sugar substitute stevia had no negative effect on human gut health.