Veroni Debuts as the Official Italian Charcuterie Sponsor of The Houston Open 2022

November 17, 2022 Veroni

Veroni, the first Italian brand of the Luncheon Meat in the US*, continues a revered Italian tradition at the Houston Open 2022 – one of the premier PGA TOUR events in Texas.  From November 10 to 13, Veroni was the official Italian charcuterie sponsor. In the spectacular setting of the Memorial Park Golf Course, the Italian brand created premium food experiences delighting foodies and golf fans alike with its charcuterie imported from Italy. After successful sponsorships at the top US tennis tournament, Veroni is ready to impress the golf sector.

The Largest Ever Giant Mortadella in the Big Apple: 661 Lbs In Weight 6.4 Ft in Length

October 20, 2022 Veroni

In Italy, the land of culinary excellence, mortadella is synonymous with good food and the joy of life. Veroni, the first brand for the Italian charcuterie* in the US, celebrates the mortadella tradition and taste, bringing the largest one ever seen in the US to the Big Apple’s biggest culinary Festival. 

Veroni’s USA Campaign Celebrates the Quality of Made-in-Italy Charcuterie

September 6, 2022  Veroni

From the very first image of a slice of prosciutto carefully cut by an Italian “salumiere” to the display of a selection of Veroni’s pre-sliced charcuterie packs, Veroni’s commercial highlights the excellence of the Italian cured meats and the great tradition passed down within the company’s family. Since July the spot has been displayed at 1500 Broadway screen and it will last until September 30. It will return from October 13 to 16, during the 2022 Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One.

Veroni Becomes the First Brand of Italian Charcuterie in the US

June 13, 2022 Veroni

The Italian cured meat producer Veroni continues to grow in the US market – With a 23.7% increase in 2021 revenues, the company has been ranked among the top 20 players in the US luncheon meat segment, becoming the first brand for Italian charcuterie. The 2022 first-quarter performances show a further acceleration with a 30% rise in revenue compared to last year’s Q1 results.

The Newest Charcuterie Party Tray of Veroni as Must-Have for Holiday Season

November 23, 2021 Veroni

Veroni is proud to introduce its brand-new Charcuterie Party Tray – a 12 oz maxi tray that includes Italian Salame, Provolone cheese, Italian olives, and artisanal breadsticks. Perfect to kick off any special gatherings, the latest extension of Veroni product offerings brings to American tables the best Italian ingredients in a ready to serve tray that everyone can indulge in.