Vision Produce Company Now Offering Ripe and Ready Mangoes

September 20, 2019 Vision Produce Company

Per Jesse Sepulveda, Mango Category Manager, “we are excited to lead the progression of the ‘Ripe & Ready’ mango program in the U.S. Europe has been Processing mangos for about 10 years now with great success.

Vision Produce Company Promotes Dan Lawton to President/Managing Partner

September 13, 2019 Vision Produce Company

Vision Produce Company is proud to announce the promotion of Dan Lawton to President/Managing Partner. Dan will take over the Day to Day operation of the Company, and Bill Vogel will remain Chairman and CEO.

Vision Produce Company Debuts New Website

April 1, 2019 Vision Produce Company

“Part of our long term strategy for marketing has been to update our website, This endeavor was taken on by Amy Peirce, our Project Coordinator. It has been a labor of love on her part and a learning experience as she created, edited and fine-tuned the website herself. ”

Vision Produce Company Eyes Growth in Phoenix Operation

February 20, 2019 Vision Produce Company

Per Donald Souther, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing: “Our Phoenix facility over the last several years has developed a streamlined repack operation, sustainable energy additions and near perfect food safety scores. Under Lance’s leadership we want to grow our operation by assisting other companies with our services.