Arnold, Brownberry and Oroweat Debut New Whole Grains Small Slice Line

June 14, 2021 Bimbo Bakeries USA

Ideal for health-minded consumers seeking fewer calories, fans can now enjoy the same great taste of the brand’s signature Oatnut and 100% Whole Wheat varieties in a smaller slice format.

Leveraging Partnerships to Promote Whole Grains: An Interview With Rikke Iben Neess of The Danish Whole Grain Partnership

June 9, 2021 Whole Grains Council

Whole Grains Council caught up with Rikke Iben Neess, campaign leader for the Danish Whole Grain Partnership to learn more about the success they have had increasing whole grain intake among the Danish population.

Protein Packed Whole Grains


A serving of whole grains can have as much protein as a hard-boiled egg. We’ve put together a quick cheat sheet to protein, the whole grains that contribute to protein intake along with some of our favorite recipes!

Dietary Guidelines Furnish New Grain Opportunities

January 22, 2021 American Bakers Association

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) unveiled in late December provides new opportunities to raise the profile of grains, according to leaders speaking in an American Bakers Association podcast, Bake to the Future.

2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines For Americans Recommend Grains at All Life Stages, Maintains Existing Serving Size For Whole and Enriched Grains

A foundational piece of the DGAs, the guidelines recognize whole grains are “one of the three food groups that are fundamental constituents of a healthy dietary pattern.”