Judge Tosses Federal Permit For Washington Shellfish Industry, Saying It Doesn’t Do Enough To Protect Environment

October 18, 2019 Hal Bernton Seattle Times

A federal judge has thrown out a federal permit for the state’s shellfish industry, saying the Army Corps of Engineers failed to give enough environmental scrutiny to aquaculture farms.

New Data Make Case for Anchovy Abundance as Oceana Lawsuit Continues

New, preliminary data from the California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI) have provided further evidence that California’s anchovy population is now at record high levels. The data come amid a renewed lawsuit by the environmental group Oceana that seeks to unnecessarily reduce the already very limited amount of anchovy caught commercially in California.

New Scientific Paper Shows Seafood Consumption Critical for Brain Development

Among the key findings of the systematic review is an average 7.7 IQ point gain in children whose mothers ate seafood during pregnancy compared to mothers who did not eat seafood.

Mical Seafood Inc. Voluntarily Expands Tuna Recall for Possible Scombroid Poisoning

October 17, 2019 FDA

Mical Seafood, Inc. of Cooper City, FL, has voluntarily initiated an expanded recall of frozen, wild-caught yellowfin Tuna Loins, Tuna Poke, Tuna Steaks, Tuna Ground Meat, and Tuna Saku (products of Vietnam) due to potentially elevated levels of histamine.

FL Commissioner Nikki Fried Issues Statement to Congress on Aquaculture

In Florida, aquaculture is a $77 million industry, with over 700 aquaculture leases covering 2,700 submerged acres; the industry produces over 1,500 varieties of fish, plants, crustaceans, mollusks, corals, reptiles, and other marine products for food and non-food markets.