Sterling Sturgeon California’s Sustainable Farmed Fish Fills The Need For Demand

April 22, 2019 Sterling Caviar

As chefs have started to demand sustainable seafood from their fish purveyors, Sterling can fill this requirement. As the pioneers in aqua-farming for the breed, they have been raising farmed sustainable White Sturgeon in California for over 35 years.

Cellular Aquaculture Company Expands Its ‘Clean Seafood’ Operations

Cellular aquaculture company, BlueNalu, who aim to create real seafood products from fish cells, commonly known as clean fish, has expanded its operations after moving to a larger research facility to initiate its commercialization phases.

US Aquaculture Production to Rise 2.1% Annually in Volume Terms to 2022

April 22, 2019 Freedonia

US aquaculture production is forecast to increase 2.1% annually in volume terms through 2022, according to Aquaculture: United States, a report recently released by Freedonia Focus Reports. The rising promotion of fish as part of a healthy diet will continue to increase demand for fish products.

Oyster Farmers, Lobster Haulers Take Their Turf Battle to Maine State House

Consideration of a bill that would establish a task force to study aquaculture sustainability across Maine evolved on Tuesday into a familiar squabble between those financially invested in the budding industry and fishing professionals who feel their livelihood is under siege.

Shellfish Farming is Likely to Expand in Taunton Bay

Last Thursday, the Taunton Bay Oyster Co. held a scoping session to introduce its plan to apply for 13.85-acre aquaculture lease for the bottom culture of oysters in Taunton Bay northwest of the Route 1 bridge off Cedar Point in Hancock.