Sixth Issue of Selecta’s ONE Magazine Available Now

January 31, 2024 Selecta One

“Selecta worldwide” could be the overarching theme of the new ONE magazine. We take a look behind the scenes at Selecta Kenya and take you to Selecta China in the Middle Kingdom, introduce you to our global bestseller and look beyond our own backyard in Europe.

Seed Your Future Program Gives Teachers Resources to Talk Green Jobs in the Classroom

Seed Your Future is launching a program to train high school science teachers nationwide about the horticulture and floriculture industries and give them resources to talk about career opportunities in the classroom.

Lewis Road Creamery is Giving You Ten Reasons to LOVE Butter Again

January 31, 2024 Lewis Road Creamery

To all the animal lovers and butter fanatics, here’s a butter that will make your heart sing and your tastebuds flip.  In the world of dairy, Lewis Road Creamery’s 10 Star Butter stands out as a true champion.  Recently honored with the prestigious Specialty Food Association (SFA) Award, this exceptional butter has captured the attention of food lovers and sustainability enthusiasts alike.

Il Villaggio Introduces New Items, Including Pesto, Prosciutto Crudo, Speck & Baked Lemon Ricotta 

January 31, 2024 Atalanta

IL Villaggio is proud to introduce five new items at the start of this year: Pesto, Cacio e Pepe, Prosciutto Crudo, Speck, and Baked Lemon Ricotta. These products bring the taste of Italy to any dining experience. IL Villaggio collaborates with family-owned companies to bring authentic specialty products to our customers.

SEE Launches Compostable Protein Packaging Tray at IPPE 2024

January 31, 2024 SEE

In its continuing pursuit to develop packaging materials that meet the sustainability goals of its customers, global packaging solutions provider SEE has developed the first biobased, industrial compostable tray for protein packaging that has been successfully tested to meet the demands of existing food processing equipment.