Angelic Bakehouse Launches ‘Loaf You’ Program Providing Bread to Community Through Pandemic

CUDAHY, Wis. — Angelic Bakehouse, the sprouted whole-grain better-for-you bread manufacturer, proudly announces its newest initiative: Loaf You. Through this program, Angelic Bakehouse will donate up to 20,000 loaves to Feeding America organizations across Wisconsin.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Angelic Bakehouse, a socially conscious company committed to its “Be Angelic” motto of doing intentional acts of kindness, identified the need to support the community with food donations. After seeing demand expand, Angelic Bakehouse turned to its long-standing partner, Feeding America, to amplify its efforts.

“As the impact of the coronavirus grew, we quickly identified the need to support local organizations with donations of our bread,” said founder and CEO of Angelic Bakehouse, Jenny Marino. “From there, we knew we could drive an even bigger impact and are excited to launch the Loaf You donation program. This continues our commitment to providing nourishing food to those who need it most while also providing a conduit for our community to join us in giving back, as we are all truly in this together.”

Angelic Bakehouse will match every purchase of a new Donate A Loaf product on its website, with two loaves then going to Feeding America. The company intends to scale this program over the duration of this global crisis and hopes to help up to 20,000 Milwaukee-area families get bread over the next few months. Angelic Bakehouse also encourages other local food manufacturers to donate when and where they can.

“We appreciate Angelic Bakehouse for their continued support, especially during this difficult time,” said director of development and communications for Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, Scott Marshall. “Receiving high-quality food directly from trusted partners, like Angelic Bakehouse, makes it easier for our team to quickly get it into the hands of those within our community who need it most.”

In addition to the Loaf You program, Angelic Bakehouse will continue its donations to other local organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee and smaller local food drive initiatives where its bread can have the highest impact in helping food-insecure families.

Angelic Bakehouse’s plan is to make the Loaf You program a permanent fixture in its Be Angelic efforts, eventually opening this up to other nonprofit partners once the coronavirus pandemic has passed. To learn more about Angelic Bakehouse’s Loaf You donation program, visit

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