Artisan Baking at Scale

Increasing numbers of consumers are seeking out healthier and more ‘artisan-style’ alternatives to their everyday favorites in the baked goods aisle. ‘Artisan-style’ simply means baked goods that you might find in your local bakery: think of seeded buns, crusty sourdough, or knotted bread rolls.

The popularity of this baking style grew during successive lockdowns when many bread and cake fans either took up baking again or rediscovered a fondness for traditional goods with local ingredients. This has led forward-thinking bakeries to pivot their operations to address this need for healthier and more distinctive products.

Many bakeries, however, are not set up to deal with this kind of production. Whether it’s sourdough, veg-based, or gluten-free, the higher moisture content and lower elasticity of doughs created with more traditional processes such as sourdough – or with alternative flour such as gluten-free – can prove problematic. Thankfully, AMF Bakery Systems offers customizable, precision solutions for expanding your artisan, and health-focused product lines.

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