BakeMark’s Line of Fruit-O Flavors Gives you Unlimited Variety and Marketability

Now You Can Say “Today’s Special”…And Mean it! With Fruit-O Flavors

Here’s a sure-fire way to run a “daily special” and really mean it. Take advantage of Westco Fruit-O Concentrates to broaden your product line and give you the opportunity to dazzle your customers with a display case full of unbelievable variety and endless deliciousness.

Make Your “Daily Special” Really Special

A mistake some bakeries and donut shops make is buying a bag of mix for every flavor, which limits their variety, adds food cost, and takes up valuable storage space. For example, if you only buy Cherry Donut Mix, your boring “daily specials” could look like this: Monday – cherry cake donut / red icing; Tuesday – cherry cake donut / white icing: Wednesday – cherry cake donut / pink icing; Thursday – cherry cake donut / red sprinkles, Friday – cherry cake donut / white sprinkles, etc.

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