Bakery Gains Power When Retailers Think Like Shoppers

Bakery has an enormous consumer following across grocery retail, and the path to further advancing engagement is to truly understand shopper preferences.

That is a clear insight from a first-time, comprehensive report, Power of Bakery, which was unveiled during a session of the American Bakers Association Convention this month in Naples, Fla., along with guidance on how to benefit from the findings. The research was conducted in partnership with the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) by 210 Analytics, LLC and Todd Hale, LLC and was sponsored by Corbion.

“Household bakery penetration is very high at 99.9 percent,” said Anne-Marie Roerink, a Principal at 210 Analytics, who spoke at the ABA session. “But driving more consumption is still one of the biggest opportunities, and to do that, we have to think like shoppers. Often at retail you have different departments that don’t play together very well. But shoppers come into stores to buy a meal. We need to put sliced bread next to deli soup, or burgers with buns, because we still have so much of an opportunity to drive bakery sales much further.”

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