BEMA Convention 2021: Bema Intel Connects the Data Points

Although we live in a world with constant access to data it’s not always easy to discern the value of the data received. The BEMA Intel platform offers a better way to understand the marketplace and improve management of one’s business through the application of quarterly data inputs and quality data analysis. With Intel, users can drive company and sales strategy and improve overall decision making using critical insights into key U.S. economic and commercial industry indicators.

Launched last year, BEMA Intel offers a combination of pulse data from our members in addition to a broad spectrum of industry indicator data, including an aggregate of publicly available information. The research around Intel is compiled and maintained by Cypress Research.

Each quarterly summary opens with metrics taken from the Equipment Industry Outlook and Equipment Industry Bookings. Color-coded summaries (green – positive, yellow – neutral, red – negative) offer Intel users at-a-glance summaries, including monthly, quarterly and annual clickable indicators. Quarterly summaries are posted two weeks into every quarter, offering confirmation of trends and what’s currently happening in the cycle in order to obtain a broader, more cohesive industry perspective.

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