BRCGS Storage & Distribution Issue 4 Summarized

Purchasing a product manufactured by a well-known brand in a recognized store is no longer the only decision-making factor. Consumers are also interested in knowing what happened to the food after it left the manufacturing company: was it transported at the right temperature? Was it stored in a pest-free environment? Did the distributor open the packages or manipulate the food before it arrived at the store?

As food manufacturers and retailers focus more on food integrity, reducing damaged goods and preventing food-borne illness, new concerns about food safety and quality during storage and distribution throughout the supply chain are on the rise, forcing producers and retailers to demand assurance that food safety standards are applied throughout the distribution chain.

The BRCGS Storage and Distribution Standard Issue 4, released in 2020, is a compilation of best practices that enables a continuous improvement process through well-designed, risk-based product safety management systems. It was created in accordance with GFSI 2020 requirements and ensures product quality and safety during their transportation, storage, and distribution throughout the supply chain.

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