Costco Shoppers Are Calling Its Newest Bakery Item ‘Immaculate’

Costco fans truly exist in a lane of their own. Whether you need an update on a recalled product, info on the newest bakery item making waves online or a breakdown of the best grocery items of the season, Costco fans have become the go-to source of information regarding the popular membership warehouse. From sharing their insight through extensive Reddit posts with loads of commenters leaving feedback, to the abundance of dedicated social media accounts reporting on everything that goes down at Costco, the information you need at any given time is readily available.

Apparently though, there’s a new item ready to make it to the list of favorites of those who come in contact with it: Costco’s Cinnamon & Raisin Bread. The latest item to hit the proverbial Costco message boards, the new bread can be found exclusively in the warehouse’s bakery section, and seems to have found a special place in the heart (and stomach) of those who have already tasted it. The loaf, which is reported to be “hearth baked and loaded with flavor,” is freshly baked in the bakery and has already getting some positive attention online.

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