Costco Reportedly Just Made This Beloved Bakery Item More Expensive

These days, a trip to the grocery store may leave you either not able to get an item due to supply issues or paying more for your favorite products as inflation continues to raise the total of your receipt. Unfortunately, customers have reported that not even Costco has been able to ward off price hikes, according to social media. 

A member-favorite bakery item—the Kirkland Signature Croissant pack—has allegedly gone up in price. While the $4.99 to $5.99 increase for the 12-count croissants doesn’t seem astronomical, it does represent a 20% increase in cost—which adds up.

Reddit user u/vavavoomvoom9 posted a picture of the price tag on a box of the pastries on May 8, noting that “It finally happened.” Although some fans of the croissant have voiced that while they aren’t happy about paying more, they would rather do that than have costs cut through the item’s ingredients.

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