He turned Bread Man into a popular Houston bakery. Now he’s ready to take on all of Texas

During the pandemic, when bread making became a thing, home cooks were busy fussing with yeasts, proofing and sourdough starters to make their own crusty loaves, one mother dough at a time.

During the same period, Tasos Katsaounis was quietly plotting his own bread making ambitions but on a larger scale. Much larger.

The owner/founder of Bread Man Baking Co., Katsaounis’ pandemic months were spent readying the opening of a new production facility that would take his company from an already thriving bread business to one that would make him a major player not just in Houston but in the Texas artisan bread market. That new commercial bakery at 305 Gellhorn opened in December and began pumping out a variety of yeasty products that positions Bread Man to become bread king.

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