Global Appetite for Cookies up 31.6% During COVID-19

For National Cookie Day TOP Data analyzed consumer tracking data of visits to cookie stores, online shopping data, and a 1,000 person survey to determine people’s increased appetite for cookies.

With National Cookie Day approaching, we delved into America’s love, or should we say obsession, with the cookie. You could say that America has been caught with its hand in the jar with our study revealing that almost 1 in 5 of us are devouring on average more than three cookies per day.

Utah tops the rankings as the state that is most addicted to cookies, closely followed by Idaho in second and Oregon in third. It seems that our love for cookies dilutes somewhat as you journey south, with many of the southern states ranking among those with the lowest appetite for the sweet treat. Louisiana ranked last, propping up South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas just above them.

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