HOORAY, it is Almost National Donut Day

It is one of our favorite national holidays. It entails the love for donuts, love for veterans, and love for heroes. What’s not to love?!

What are you doing on Friday, June 3rd? Well, it’s National Donut Day, so I hope you’re planning to enjoy some delicious donuts from one of your valued donut shops. Better yet, you do not have to wait until June 3rd, as the celebrating can start now!

Beyond the Celebration of the Donut

This is one of our favorite holidays because it celebrates our great heroes – our military veterans. They have sacrificed so much for us all and while they deserve much more praise and celebration, we honor them on National Donut Day. Maybe you are thinking – what do veterans have to do with donuts? Great question! This holiday dates back to 1938, when the Salvation Army began commemorating the veterans, the Salvation Army volunteer Lassies, and the relief efforts during WWI. The Lassies went into the battle zones to help care for the soldiers and the most requested snack by the soldiers became the donut. Hence, National Donut Day being established to celebrate veterans and donuts. Two of America’s great passions.

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