King Cake Hub Celebrates “Quarnival”

NEW ORLEANS – Will Samuels, owner of the King Cake Hub, announced the retail King Cake shop’s plans to celebrate “Quarnival” for the 2021 Carnival season. “There is no doubt that Carnival 2021 will look dramatically different than years past as we navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Samuels. He continued, “Several krewes already have canceled events including coronations, Carnival balls, Royal dinners and more. While we face the inevitable in terms of further cancelations, we are working on ways to ensure that we can still revel appropriately throughout Carnival.”

As Samuels prepares for the third season of the King Cake Hub which again will be located at the Mystere Mansion at 4800 Canal St, he unveiled plans to ensure that Carnival revelry will continue despite the state of the pandemic. He said, “No matter what happens, there will still be a Mardi Gras, there will still be a Carnival season and there will still be King Cake! New Orleans will find a way to celebrate the season no matter what events are (or are not) taking place.” To that end, King Cake Hub will present “Quarnival,” a one-stop opportunity to celebrate at home. The business will be adding a couple of bakery partners (including Gracious Bakery) and new offerings (including a brand-new king cake developed by NOCCA in partnership with Steve Himelfarb of Cake Café), expanding curbside pickup options, offering local delivery, and working with some notable local restaurants (including Katie’s and Francesca’s) so that revelers can fulfill their partying needs in one place to celebrate Quarnival.

In addition, King Cake Hub will launch an online TV channel: MardiGrasTV which will aggregate some of the best New Orleans online content including livestreamed concerts, entertainment shows, cooking, sports/exercise, comedy, history, education and the arts. In addition, MardiGrasTV plans to air live events where possible and broadcast Carnival krewe’s previous parades during the season on their respective parading days. Inaugural partners include the New Orleans Jazz Museum, the Historic New Orleans Collection, Chef Amy Sins of Langlois, Basin Street Records, Kevin Pedeaux of Coast Roast Coffee, Lena Prima, the Cutting Edge Music Business Conference, Poppy Tooker and more.

MardiGrasTV will launch this Fall and broadcast 24 hours per day via Strimm with planned upcoming partnerships with Roku, Plex, Samsung Plus, Fire TV and other streaming services and will be available on

King Cake Hub operates from January 6 through Lundi Gras and offers over fifty varieties of king cakes from over a dozen bakeries around New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana. For more information visit or email Details will also be available via King Cake Hub’s social media sites on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram and YouTube.