Rodelle Expands Distribution of Gourmet Vanilla Products in Canada

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Two of Rodelle’s best-selling vanilla products are now available in select Canadian “big box” retail locations. As a leading producer of premium, responsibly sourced gourmet cooking and baking products, this is the first time vanilla products from Rodelle have been broadly distributed in Canada.

As part of Rodelle’s new distribution in Canada, their popular Fairtrade Organic Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract (59 milliliter/two-ounce size) and Vanilla Bean Paste (59 milliliter/two-ounce size) are now offered in 227 retail locations from Quebec to British Columbia.

“We are proud to say that Rodelle vanilla products are ethically sourced directly from Madagascar through an established direct-from-farmer supply chain,” Jenna Baker, senior marketing manager at Rodelle, said. “This new distribution reflects the growing demand for high-quality, natural ingredients among health-and-environment-conscious consumers. We have heard from Canadian consumers for a long time that they are seeking our products and we are thrilled to have the opportunity for them to now find Rodelle’s Fairtrade Organic Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Bean Paste in their country.”

Rodelle has fostered direct working relationships with more than 7,000 vanilla farmers creating a farm-to-table vanilla extract that is traceable through farmer registration and stringent purchasing practices. Rodelle’s dedication to reducing the number of links in the long, complex supply chain and choosing to invest in relationships means they’re not only getting a higher-quality vanilla bean product but they’re also improving vanilla farmers’ quality of life by supporting fair, direct to farmer, and consistent markets which improves their livelihood by bringing more economic certainty while fostering community prosperity.

With notably fewer “links” than traditional vanilla manufacturing models, which tend to be complex and filled with many partners and processes that drive up costs and stress the product, Rodelle has strategically minimized the number of players in that long, complex chain, choosing to invest in the most critical relationships across the globe that help produce a farmer-focused model.

“We are passionate about introducing more consumers to the world of vanilla and believe everyone should have access to high-quality, ethically and sustainably sourced options,” John Hirn, Vice President of retail sales at Rodelle, said. “There is no question about the ingredients in our vanilla products or where they came from. Purchasing Rodelle gives a fair handshake to the hard-working farmers in the world and satisfies the savvy sustainable shopper.”

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