The 2023 Flavor Trends You Might’ve Missed

As we say farewell to 2023, it’s time to look back on the newest flavor hypes from last year and unwrap the delectable secrets of the coming year. From sour sensations to the sizzling fusion of sweet and spicy, consumer taste buds are in for a ride. Discover the flavor trends that made their debut in 2023 and will continue spreading in 2024, backed by insights from our Taste Tomorrow global consumer research.

1. Sour

The zingy, tart and tangy

Have you already spotted yuzu drinks, tart cherry desserts and citrus-heavy marinades? Sour flavors (with a slight bitterness) were very popular this year and will remain so in 2024. The Taste Tomorrow Semantic AI technology pointed out that the number of online conversations on raspberries increased by 44% this year, while conversations on grapefruit even grew with 103%.

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