Yo-Health Receives NY State Department of Agriculture & Markets Licensing, Offers Updates on Bakery, Sushi Operations

FLUSHING, N.Y. — Yo-Health Inc. signs LOI (letter of Intent) to acquire a mid-west wholesale food distributor.

Yo-Health Inc. has entered into an agreement to acquire an operating wholesale food distributor. Yo-Health Inc.’s strategy is to offer end to end support for its operations, with centralized distribution centers; the acquisition will be the cornerstone for growth and cost controls. Terms were not disclosed.

Yo-Health Inc.

  • Sushi / Asian Fusion foods offered through a grab and go service.
  • Sun & Moon drinkable yogurt manufacturing and distribution.
  • Joyce’s Bakery wholesale and retail operations.
  • Yo-Health Inc., wholesale distribution operations.

The Management team is focused on healthy alternatives in the fast-food industry, Yo-Health Inc., subsidiaries, will operate grab & go restaurants in selected areas. Yoshi Inc., offers sushi / Hibachi with operations located in supermarkets and stand-alone restaurants. The company plans to open manufacturing and distribution facilities to support the expansion effort. The company currently has 19 Yoshi operations in Baton Rouge, LA, Ohio and Indiana. The locations are servicing the Ohio State university market, the Indianapolis business district and a Sun & Moon Café servicing the Illinois University. Our New York manufacturing facility of our Branded yogurt line is targeted to open in the third quarter of 2022. Joyce’s Bakery is expected to open in the 3rd quarter of 2022 in Indiana as well.

Our Management has a strong connection in the Sushi market and is utilizing a roll up strategy to expand its foot print in the supermarket chains.

Yo-Health Inc.’s mission is to manufacture, distribute and supply all operations with products required to operate through its subsidiaries while capturing revenues in both wholesale and retail markets.

The Company forecast revenues in 2022 to be over $10,000,000 with its current operations and the acquisition of our wholesale food distributor. The company raised $ 3,500,000 in its 1st round, and currently has an offering seeking up to $ 10,000,000 (for accredited investors by prospective only). The company has raised all funding with equity in common stock.

Yo-Health Inc. management is focused on providing Liquidity for investors with a planned public listing targeted in 2022.   

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