California Creamery Operators Association’s New Staff, Renewed Vision, and Plans For 2021

The dairy community continues to navigate many challenges—beyond the far-reaching implications of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Promoting education and collaboration to address shared challenges and realize great opportunities are exactly why the California Creamery Operators Association (CCOA) exists. CCOA was created in 1900, when creamery operators decided they needed to help one another keep up with fast-paced societal changes. CCOA is now reaffirming its commitment to this enduring task. The following is a brief update on a few recent changes and future plans.

This past year, the CCOA Board of Directors decided to transition to a new association management firm, West Coast Advisors (WCA). WCA brings 20+ years of experience working for the California dairy industry and has a proven track record for helping clients grow membership, coordinate successful events, and navigate challenging issues through outreach, education, and strategic communication. As part of this transition, CCOA named WCA’s President, Michael Boccadoro as the organization’s new Executive Director and Secretary/Treasurer. At their last meeting, the CCOA Board of Directors recognized outgoing director, Dr. Phil Tong for his incredible service over the past four-and-a-half years and the many achievements the organization has enjoyed over his tenure.

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