Icelandic Provisions says ‘Halló From Iceland,’ Launching Their First National Advertising Campaign

NEW YORK — Icelandic Provisions is pleased to announce the rollout of their first national advertising campaign created, in part, to answer the questions ‘what is Skyr’ and ‘how do you say the word ‘Skyr.’ Developed in tandem with Circus Maximus, an award-winning advertising agency, the campaign was created to help introduce consumers to the nutritious, Nordic alternative to traditional yogurts. Inspired by the brand’s origin and the uniqueness of Icelandic culture, Icelandic Provisions and Circus Maximus quickly made the decision to only utilize Icelandic partners in the campaign’s production. They engaged Sagafilm Productions, a Kópavogur-based company that’s worked on films like Interstellar and Star Trek: Into the Darkness, along with Director Hawk Björgvinsson and local talent to anchor the video spots. The result of the team’s past five months of work is what they consider to be a snackable taste of Iceland.

Filmed on location in the coastal village of Vík, the commercials feature Jón & Guðmundur, played by Reykjavík improv actors Jörundur Ragnarsson and Bragi Árnason. The comedic duo explain to viewers what skyr is while donning two Lopapeysas, or traditional Icelandic sweaters. The team braved 20-degree weather and 50 MPH wind gusts, filming eight separate commercials with just over three hours of natural light each day.

“It’s safe to say that this was one of the most rewarding, yet challenging, campaigns that our team has been able to work on,” said Ryan Kutscher, founder of Circus Maximus. “We worked hand-in-hand with the brand at the client and board level to develop a shared creative vision and point-of-view that Icelandic Provisions should be savored, celebrated and enjoyed.”

“As a company co-founded by the dairy cooperative in Iceland, MS Iceland Dairies, to bring authentic skyr to market in the U.S, Icelandic Provisions continues to be driven by our team’s commitment to sharing Nordic culture,” said Mark Alexander, CEO of Icelandic Provisions. “Skyr has been an integral part of Iceland’s heritage for over 1,000 years, so it only made sense for us to enlist the help of some of Iceland’s most talented creatives. We’re excited for consumers to experience Iceland with our loveable actors, hoping it inspires them to discover a new culture and encourages differentiation within the yogurt aisle.”

The campaign, which will kick-off in Washington D.C. this month, includes geo-targeted social and digital content coupled with quality, out-of-home experiences that will include transit takeovers, including full bus wraps, bike share kiosks and digital transit shelters.

A preview of the campaign can be found here.

About Icelandic Provisions
Icelandic Provisions is a company rooted in Iceland that produces the only authentic skyr made in North America using Certified Heirloom Skyr Cultures. Icelandic Provisions skyr is made using high quality, natural ingredients with a Nordic twist. It’s high in protein, low in fat and mindful in sugar. Icelandic Provisions skyr is made with milk from family-owned farms that abstain from using artificial growth hormones, like rBGH and are located within 100 miles of their production facility in the US. Icelandic Provisions was founded by Polaris Partners Capital in partnership with the oldest and largest dairy co-op in Iceland, MS Iceland Dairies.

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