Kreider Farms Releases Video Product Tour at Giant Food Stores

MANHEIM, Pa. – Kreider Farms, Central Pennsylvania’s favorite producer of farm-fresh milk, ice cream, premium eggs, yogurt, bottled beverages, and more, has just released a virtual product tour through a typical Giant Food Stores location in Central Pennsylvania. The video, hosted by Kreider Farms Merchandising Assistant, Tammy Lacombe, showcases the full line of Kreider Farms’ products available at most Giant locations.

Kreider Farms has undertaken an intentional growth strategy for its business throughout the last several years. This included a $5 million investment in generating new production capacity, completed in 2017, as well as the introduction of several new product lines and brands. Noah’s Pride Cage Free Farm Fresh Organic Brown Eggs and Chiques Creek Hemp Tea beverages are two of the most significant product introductions. Lactose free milk and ice cream products have also been brought to market recently so that individuals with lactose intolerance may enjoy real dairy products.

Influential grocery retailers like Giant are becoming more committed to selling local, farm-fresh products all the time through programs like PA Preferred. These retailers, like Giant, have taken notice of Kreider Farms premium products—and that is the message of the new video product tour. Kreider Farms’ commitment to local, sustainable production sets its product quality apart from the competition.

“Our point of differentiation is the fact that we’re a real, local farm,” said Dave Andrews, V.P. Sales & Marketing. “We’re bringing authenticity back into the grocery store.”

In addition to authenticity, Kreider Farms products are exceptionally fresh, which has become another rarity in the current marketplace. As Ms. Lacombe mentions in the video tour, Kreider Farms milk goes “from the cow to the shelf in only 1-2 days.”

View the video at And find Lancaster County fresh Kreider Farms products in your local Giant now.

About Kreider Farms

Though family-owned since Christian Hershey settled in Manheim in the early 1700s, Noah and Mary (Hershey) Kreider officially started Kreider Farms in 1935 with 102 acres of land, a dozen dairy cows, and 200 chickens. Now under the leadership of third-generation CEO Ron Kreider, the farm is still family-owned, but has expanded to over 3,000 acres and 450 employees. To learn more, visit or