Nancy’s Probiotic Foods Announces Single Serve Oatmilk Yogurt, Now in Paper-based Cups

EUGENE, Ore.— Springfield Creamery, the maker of Nancy’s Probiotic Foods, recently launched a line of new sustainably-sourced paper-based yogurt cups for their single serve plant-based Oatmilk Non-Dairy Yogurts in five delicious flavors. The new 5.3-ounce paper cups are sourced from sustainably managed forests – and will reduce the company’s plastic use by 78% per cup.

Although the new paper-based cups use less plastic, they still have a thin plastic lining to maintain product quality. “We are always looking for more sustainable packaging options and this is a step in the right direction,” said Sheryl Kesey Thompson, co-owner of Nancy’s Probiotic Foods.

Springfield Creamery has long been considered a leader in packaging sustainability, offering durable and reusable Nancy’s Probiotic Food containers, fondly referred to as ‘Nancysware’ that have had a loyal following for decades. Also, for years, Springfield Creamery has held local collections of their used containers, allowing consumers to return the containers that are then reground into other plastics to be used to make other products such as, park benches and playground equipment. To date, the Recycling Round-Up Program has collected over 50,000 pounds of plastic in the Eugene, Oregon area where Springfield Creamery is located.

In 1960, Springfield Creamery was the first to introduce probiotics to cultured yogurt, and the company has used a broad range of probiotic strains that help support immune and digestive health. The newly refined plant-based yogurt recipe continues this tradition with billions of live non-dairy probiotic CFUs in every serving. The new recipe also offers fewer calories and lower fats and is free from soy, nuts and gluten.

Nancy’s Oatmilk Non-Dairy Yogurt is available in Plain and Vanilla 24-ounce sizes, as well as a single-serve 5.3-ounce size in paper-based cups in Plain, Vanilla, Blueberry, Passionfruit Banana and the Nancy’s fan favorite, Strawberry Hibiscus.

About Springfield Creamery & Nancy’s Probiotic Foods

Nancy’s Probiotic Foods offers organic and natural dairy and plant-based products that help support immune and digestive health. Springfield Creamery, maker of Nancy’s Probiotics Foods, is family owned and operated since 1960, celebrating more than 60 years of making delicious, probiotic food.