NotCo’s New NotMilk Barista Joins the Menu at New York-Based Specialty Coffee Roaster Joe Coffee

NEW YORK–NotCo, the fast-growing food tech company with a first-of-its-kind patented AI technology named Giuseppe, today announced its most recent foodservice partnership with New York-based specialty coffee roaster Joe Coffee.

“NotMilk Barista allows plant-based coffee lovers the opportunity to enjoy the full, frothy latte experience without compromising on taste, look, feel and functionality”Tweet this

Known for their commitment to sustainability, Joe Coffee has replaced almond milk on its menus with NotCo’s new, ultra-creamy, professional-grade NotMilk™ Barista at all locations. Made of a unique chickpea and oat blend, NotMilk™ Barista will provide customers with a creamier and frothier plant-based alternative to elevate their favorite Joe Coffee pick-me-up. Foamable, ultra-smooth and delicious, NotMilk™ Barista is a low-sugar option that unlocks the ultimate rich and creamy cup of coffee or tea. It performs well in hot and cold foaming and has a firm hold for latte art. Like all NotCo products, the innovative recipe for NotMilk Barista™ was created by Giuseppe, alongside NotCo’s team of AI Chefs and R&D experts, who consistently produce plant-based options with incredible accuracy – allowing them to look, taste and function just like animal-based products.

“NotMilk Barista allows plant-based coffee lovers the opportunity to enjoy the full, frothy latte experience without compromising on taste, look, feel and functionality,” said Matias Muchnick, CEO and founder of NotCo. “Joining hands with Joe Coffee as our initial outlet allows us to give consumers the most elevated, plant-based coffee experience – one that not only tastes better but is better for the planet. We look forward to expanding our distribution to include additional coffee shops and retailers across the country soon so that coffee aficionados can make their own plant-based latte art at home.”

As NotCo’s first U.S.-based coffee house partnership for NotMilk Barista™, Joe Coffee joins the extensive list of NotCo’s existing foodservice partnerships worldwide. On the coffeehouse front, NotCo has already partnered with Danny Meyer’s New York-Based Café Daily Provisions. On the international front, NotCo continues to expand its Alt-Protein business through partnerships with Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and Papa Johns. In the United States, NotCo recently announced a national launch with Shake Shack for its Non-Dairy Chocolate Shake and Non-Dairy Frozen Chocolate Custard made with NotMilk™. In addition to foodservice and retail, NotCo has a B2B Unit that lends its AI platform Giuseppe to enable other CPG brands, ingredient suppliers and technology to curate their own innovations. The brand’s recent joint venture with Kraft Heinz (The Kraft Heinz Not Company) is the first to demonstrate the program’s success.

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NotCo is an industry-changing, fast-growth food tech leader and the only global company disrupting massive food and beverage segments including dairy, eggs, and meat simultaneously. NotCo has launched products including NotMilk™, NotBurger™, NotMeat™, NotIceCream™, NotChicken™ and NotMayo™ across countries including the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay and in less than three years became the fastest-growing food tech company in Latin America. NotCo utilizes a proprietary artificial intelligence technology, Giuseppe, which matches animal proteins to their ideal replacements among thousands of plant-based ingredients. Its one-of-a-kind technology enables NotCo to be a powering tool for food and beverage innovation partnering with other companies to accelerate the transformation of the food industry. For more information, please visit