Pete & Gerry’s Launches Pasture-Raised Eggs & Debuts a Bright New Look

SALEM, N.H. — Pete & Gerry’s, LLC, producers of Pete & Gerry’s Organic® Eggs and Nellie’s Free Range® Eggs, the #1 brands in their respective categories, today announces the introduction of Pete & Gerry’s Pasture-Raised eggs. The new product comes from hens raised to Certified Humane® Pasture-Raised welfare standards, guaranteeing each hen enjoys at least 108 square feet of lush pastures with room to roam, forage, and explore under sunny skies. The result is one of the healthiest, most sustainable sources of protein: eggs with deep golden yolks, a richer, creamier flavor, and strong, sturdy shells. Continuing their commitment to hens responsibly raised on small family farms across the country, Pete & Gerry’s Pasture-Raised eggs is another landmark in the brand’s legacy of leading the industry in better production practices.

“We’re excited to bring Pete & Gerry’s Pasture-Raised eggs to consumers to provide them with more high-quality options in the egg aisle,” says Tom Flocco, CEO of Pete & Gerry’s. “The Pete & Gerry’s Organic offering pioneered a model of egg production that is better for the hens, better for the farmer, and better for the planet, and our new Pasture-Raised product continues in that proud tradition. We’re confident that our continued commitment to animal and environmental stewardship embodied in Pete and Gerry’s Pasture-Raised will resonate with consumers.”

In addition to making strides toward even more sustainable and ethical production practices on each of its partner farms, Pete & Gerry’s Pasture-Raised has committed to contribute 1% of its gross annual sales toward environmental causes, through its partnership with 1% For the Planet. This year, the brand’s donation will come to life through work with the American Farmland Trust, which is dedicated to protecting agricultural land, promoting environmentally sound farming practices, and securing the livelihoods of family farmers.

This month, consumers will also notice another update in their local egg aisles as the Pete & Gerry’s Organic product line also debuts a refreshed brand look, featuring warm, brightly colored illustrative elements and more prominent text-based claims to help consumers more easily navigate the often-confusing egg shelves. Both Pete & Gerry’s Organic and Pasture-Raised offerings also showcase the word “healthy” on pack, making it the first national egg brand to feature the language since the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed guideline revisions were introduced. 

Previously, federal guidance prohibited the use of the word “healthy” to describe and label eggs, leading to confusion among consumers, despite the nutrition community’s wide recognition that eggs are a near-perfect whole food, One large egg contains only 70 calories, and packs a nutritional punch with 13 essential vitamins and minerals, disease-fighting and brain-boosting nutrients such as lutein and choline, and six grams of high-quality protein, making it among the most affordable sources per gram of protein. Additionally, eggs are known to help improve satiety and naturally manage blood sugar levels, both important for healthy weight maintenance and diabetes prevention.

“As we thought about the new packaging designs for Pete & Gerry’s Pasture-Raised and Pete & Gerry’s Organic, it was important to us to prominently feature the word ‘healthy’ on pack,” says Phyllis Rothschild, CMO of Pete & Gerry’s. “The consumer confusion around whether or not eggs are healthy has persisted for too long, and it is finally our moment to proudly declare what we’ve known all along: eggs are, in fact, healthy.”

Pete & Gerry’s Pasture-Raised eggs are available now at select retailers, for a suggested retail price of $7.49.

For more information on Pete & Gerry’s Pasture-Raised, please visit or the brand’s InstagramFacebook, and Twitter pages.

About Pete & Gerry’s
The Pete & Gerry’s family has been raising hens for generations and is committed to bringing consumers the highest-quality organic, free-range and pasture-raised eggs possible via its quality brands and products, including Pete & Gerry’s Organic®, Pete & Gerry’s Pasture-Raised™, and Nellie’s Free Range®. Pete & Gerry’s is a values-led company dedicated to the humane treatment of animals and to supporting the livelihoods of small family farmers, each of whom follow the strictest standards of humane animal treatment, safety, and environmental sustainability. In 2003, the company became the first Certified Humane egg producer in the US, and in 2013 it became the first egg producer in the world to achieve Certified B Corporation status. Pete & Gerry’s believes hens deserve a safe, comfortable place to live a happy, healthy, natural lifestyle – and that family farmers deserve the right to keep their land and income without having to resort to the unhealthy and inhumane factory-farm practices plaguing this country. To learn more, visit and