Philadelphia Cream Cheese Announces A NEW PHILLY Angel

ORONTO – The search is finally over, and Philadelphia Cream Cheese is proud to announce Humberly Gonzalez as the first of many new PHILLY Angels. Starting today, Humberly will be carrying on iconic ’90s PHILLY Angel Linda Kash’s legacy with a fresh outlook. Humberly will be working alongside Philadelphia Cream Cheese to help spread joy to breakfast bagels across Canada.

Humberly exhibits all the criteria PHILLY was looking for in Linda’s successor – wit, charm and relatability – and she’s ready to fluff up her wings and spread a little taste of heaven nationwide this fall. Before hanging up her halo for good, Linda will train Humberly on what it takes to be a PHILLY Angel, sharing inside tips on wing maintenance, the perfect PHILLY-to-bagel ratio and, of course, a little heavenly gossip as well.

“Canadians have a strong emotional connection to Linda Kash as the iconic ’90s PHILLY Angel, but a new decade calls for a new angel and the chance for PHILLY to modernize and be reflective of Canada today” said Nina Patel, Head of Marketing & Innovation, Kraft Heinz Canada. “Throughout the search, It was humbling to see so many talented Canadians audition, each bringing their own unique perspective to the role. We were inspired by what we saw and we look forward to welcoming many PHILLY Angels in the years to come.”

Linda was on cloud nine watching all of the #PHILLYCastingCall submissions shared by Canadians this winter, but with so many great angel candidates, it was hard to choose just one. PHILLY and Linda will stay on the lookout for future PHILLY Angels who can help deliver on its brand promise of spreading a little taste of heaven to Canadians.

“I grew up eating PHILLY Cream Cheese and am now honoured to be teaming up with this iconic brand to help spread joy and positivity throughout Canada, as one of many new PHILLY Angels,” said Humberly Gonzalez, PHILLY Cream Cheese Angel. “Linda has had such an amazing career and her work as the PHILLY Angel was so inspiring. I can’t wait to meet other future PHILLY Angels and hope to do Linda’s wings the justice they deserve.”

Starting September 28, Canadians can follow along on social media @PHILLY_Canada to see how future PHILLY Angels take on their new angelic roles and adjust to life with wings.


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