The Kraft Heinz Not Company Unveils KRAFT NOTCHEESE SLICES – Product You Love, Now Plant-Based

Just in time for July 4, the Kraft Heinz Not Company is launching the ultimate grilling & every day essential. Introducing KRAFT NotCheese Slices, slices that look, feel, and taste like their animal-based counterpart. The creamy texture and dairy-like meltability will make it hard to believe these slices are made with plant-based ingredients.

Plant-based food growth has been exploding, exceeding total food sales growth by 3X; however, the plant-based cheese category has been underperforming with a mere 2% penetration, a testament to a need for better products. In fact, those looking for plant-based cheese options are constantly disappointed, with 47% of consumers dissatisfied with tastetexture, variety, and availability.

KRAFT NotCheese Slices deliver against the taste, texture and flavor consumers want and come in three delicious varieties: American, Cheddar and Provolone. With each product, NotCo brings its revolutionary AI technology that has a proven track record in creating mouthwatering foods with plant-based ingredients and KRAFT NotCheese Slices are no different; these slices are made delicious with plant-based ingredients such as chickpea and coconut oil and have no artificial flavors or dyes. Plus, consumers are loving it, as evidenced by the Cleveland test market we did in November, 2022. Within just 8 weeks, KRAFT NotCheese Slices became the #1 branded plant-based slices in dollar sales.

KRAFT NotCheese Slices are the second product hitting shelves since the joint venture was announced in 2022 and are the first nationally distributed; the Kraft Heinz Not Company is achieving this launch in record time using agile ways of working and combining NotCo’s expertise with the scale and power of the Kraft Heinz brand portfolio. The Kraft Heinz Not Company is growing substantially and by 2024 plans to scale across seven categories and begin international expansion.