U.S. and European Dairy Processors Agree to Maintain Open Communication Amid Global Food System Shocks

WASHINGTON —The Russian invasion of Ukraine has upended global food supply chains, raised prices for inputs, energy, and finished food products, and exacerbated nutrition insecurity in countries around the world. Following a meeting today in the Washington, D.C. offices of the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), leaders of the European Dairy Association (EDA) and IDFA issued the following joint statement:

“The dairy processing associations of the United States and Europe condemn the war in Ukraine as a result of Russia’s brutal invasion. We join the international community in calling for peace and the preservation of human rights for the people of a sovereign, independent Ukraine. Russia’s attack on Ukraine and damage to critical lines of commerce has shocked our global food supply chain and heightened the specter of famine and hunger for the world’s most vulnerable citizens. This crisis requires ongoing humanitarian action and support by our respective governments and civil society organizations. IDFA and EDA are committed to keeping lines of communication open between our two organizations and we will continue to work together to provide nutritious dairy products to people around the globe who are facing rising prices, food shortages, and hunger.”

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