Vevan Dairy-Free Cheese Gives Consumers a Taste of Authenticity

MONTFORT, Wis. – A perfect gooey melt, familiar creamy texture and sensational flavor. This is what consumers want in a dairy-free cheese, and it’s what Vevan Foods is serving up with its entry to the U.S. retail market. The plant-based cheese is now available at retailers from coast to coast, including Sprouts Farmers Market stores across the nation.

Vevan, crafted by the same artisan cheesemakers behind many of Schuman Cheese’s most celebrated brands, was created with the belief that consumers who love cheese deserve better options when it comes to enjoying their favorite foods.

“Consumers want plant-based options that are familiar: authentic flavor, the appealing texture of dairy cheese and a melt like dairy cheese,” said Keith Schuman, Vevan Business Unit Lead. “With Vevan, plant-based consumers can rediscover the familiar textures and flavors they’ve been missing.”

Indeed, Vevan sets a new standard for plant-based, dairy-free cheese. With decades of skill and knowledge, Vevan cheesemakers know how cheese should taste, what the texture should be when you bite into it and how it should function, especially when it comes to a perfect creamy melt. That expertise, paired with exceptional plant-based ingredients, allowed them to create an incredible plant-based cheese that is 100% awesome with 0% dairy.

“Vevan allows consumers who have gone dairy-free to recapture those incredible moments where you bite into a slice of pizza with cheese dangling off the sides or savor the comfort that comes with a bowl of creamy mac-n-cheese,” Schuman said.

Vevan is also attracting attention from consumers who are enthusiastic about a brand that leaves out all of the ingredients they avoid. Vevan products are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and non-GMO. The line is also allergen-free, with no nut or soy ingredients.

The Vevan line spans three popular flavors, all offered in Shred (shredded) and Melts (sliced) formats. Vevan Ched is a classic that’s sharp, rich and bold; Vevan Mozza brings a soft, mild and creamy touch; and Vevan P’Jack delivers a zesty, spicy twist.

“We created Vevan with a focus on producing as authentic an experience as possible, and when you hear buyers saying it could be mistaken for a behind-the-glass deli cheese, you know Vevan brings something new and exciting to the category,” Schuman said.

Already Expanding
A favorable response to the brand since its soft launch in spring 2020 led makers to expedite a first extension of the product line. New Vevan Snax, which will be available at Sprouts among other retailers, feature the creamy perfection of Vevan snacking cubes, paired with dried fruit and roasted nuts for an on-the-go snack bursting with flavor. Snax, available in Lemon Poppyseed Mozza and P’Jack varieties, bring a convenient snacking option to the dairy-free category, where the selection is slim.

In addition to Sprouts, Vevan can be found at a growing number of well-known regional grocers, including Caputo’s, Grocery Outlet, Ingles Markets and Stew Leonard’s.

Vevan Foods, a division of Schuman Cheese, combines the best plant-based ingredients with the talent of world-class cheesemakers to create sensational products for dairy-free consumers. Vevan products are vegan certified, allergen-free and manufactured using a responsible, earth-friendly approach. Find Vevan at Sprouts Farmers Market, Stew Leonard’s, Ingles Markets and numerous other regional retailers from coast to coast. Learn more at