Where Dairy Farming Meets Gaming: Esports Athlete Visits Local Farm

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas – Dairy MAX and Complexity Gaming have kicked off a six-episode series, “Cooking with Complexity”, where players and influencers can learn to prepare healthy, balanced meals featuring dairy as a key ingredient. Each episode is hosted by Monsoon, a Complexity athlete, and features chef influencer Scotty Scott along with other guests trying out dairy recipes from Dallas Cowboys headquarters.

The premier episode of the series gives viewers a first-hand look at how milk goes from farm to table, taking them on a virtual dairy farm and processing tour where they have an opportunity to learn about everything from animal care to technology. For the tour Monsoon traveled to Wolf’s Legendairy in Scotland, TX to meet with owner Adam Wolf. Wolf showcased his operation and shared the importance of caring for both animals and the planet from a dairy farmer’s perspective.

Sustainability is key in dairy farming and practiced through methods such as feeding cows byproducts that humans can’t eat like cottonseed hulls.

“What would have been discarded as trash fifteen years ago is now a great source of protein and fiber for the cows,” said Wolf.

Following the dairy viewers are taken through a local processing facility to see how milk is pasteurized, packaged and shipped to local stores all within about two days after leaving the farm.

Entering the world of gaming is an opportunity for the dairy industry to meet the Gen Z audience (ages 10 to 23) where they are, connecting with the next generation of consumers outside of traditional advertisements to share how dairy is made with care for the planet and how it can fuel their play.

“The number one reason players watch professional esports athletes and influencers is to mimic their actions,” said Jennie McDowell, Dairy MAX vice president of business development. “The Cooking with Complexity series leverages the power esports athletes have to motivate Gen Z to eat and drink more dairy through easy recipes they can make every day.”

This power was immediately seen as Monsoon walked away from the farm tour equipped with information to share with over 80,000 of his followers on social media and Twitch, a live-streaming platform for gamers.

“It was an amazing experience connecting with the farmers that are passionate about their animals, community and the future of dairy,” said Monsoon. “I feel excited to share all of the valuable information I’ve learned just from a single trip. Their work and passion go hand-in-hand and it’s amazing to now understand a little bit of that.”

Monsoon streamed the video live on his Twitch channel and answered questions from his followers in real-time. The episode garnered over 17,000 views in the first week and future episodes will air on Complexity’s YouTube channel.

Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), national dairy checkoff, is also working with gaming influencers to share how dairy snacks and meals can help fuel their game and beat the “lag”. The #BeatTheLag campaign challenges fans and consumers alike to create their own dairy recipes for a chance to win gaming gear. As part of these efforts Cooking with Complexity content will also be promoted on the Beat The Lag website.

The Cooking with Complexity series is one of the first activations in Dairy MAX’s multi-year partnership with Complexity Gaming, with future plans to research dairy’s impact on esports performance. Click here to watch the first episode.

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