Why Chobani is Giving its Workers the Vaccine at its Factory

When employees at the Chobani plant in Twin Falls, Idaho, come to work on March 25 and April 1, they can get a COVID-19 vaccine for free. The company, which already gave its employees up to six hours paid time off to get vaccinated, has now partnered with the city’s Department of Health and a local pharmacy to distribute shots on-site at two vaccination events.

Chobani isn’t the only company making sure its workers have access to COVID-19 vaccines. Bolthouse Farms, which makes juices, smoothies, and dressings, has been hosting vaccine events at its plant in Bakersfield, California (and paying a $500 bonus to full-time hourly workers who get their shots), and meat processing plants including JBS, which produces pork in Worthington, Minnesota, and Tyson Foods have delivered vaccines to their workers on-site. Outside the food industry, airlines and pharmaceutical companies have delivered doses directly to their employees.

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