BelGioioso Mozza Palooza 2022 Summer Promotion

(Green Bay, Wis.) – BelGioioso Mozza Palooza™, the popular in-store Fresh Mozzarella event has expanded for 2022 with a promotional 4-week program available to retailers nationwide from mid-June through August.

“Retailers create a total deli department event to maximize Fresh Mozzarella sales during the prime summer selling season,” says Sean Moran, VP Sales BelGioioso Cheese.  “Previous events have driven a 50 to 60 percent increase in Fresh Mozzarella and Burrata sales for many participants.”

“Summer tomato season is the perfect time for promoting America’s Favorite Fresh Mozzarella brand,” says Umberto Marconi, VP Marketing BelGioioso Cheese. “Building displays, integration into prepared deli foods and cross merchandising in the produce department transforms multiple departments into a Mozza Palooza™ extravaganza.”

The campaign includes an online website complete with inspirational recipes including fresh mozzarella and burrata.  In-store point of sale kits with QR codes driving consumers to the Mozza Palooza™ page are also available.

Retailers can choose a custom mix of items including pearls, balls, sliced mozzarella and burrata for their in-store promotions.  Mozza Palooza™ sign up is available until April 12th through your BelGioioso Cheese sales representative.

BelGioioso Cheese is a family-owned and operated company specializing in artisan Italian cheesemaking.  Using natural ingredients and fresh, local Wisconsin milk, Master Cheesemakers hand-craft a full line of exceptional cheeses guided by a commitment to quality and a respect for tradition.  At BelGioioso, every cheese is a specialty.