FreshFry Unveils Frying Oil Test Kits

(LOUISVILLE, KY)— FreshFry, the sustainable food tech company providing restaurants with all-natural, plant-based, easy to use frying oil filtering solutions, launches Frying Oil Test Kits, offering both restaurants and home chefs a user-friendly, cost efficient way to check the status of frying oils used to make fried food recipes – another critical component in an overall frying oil management strategy.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our newest offering to our product lineup: Frying Oil Test Kits,” says FreshFry Co-Founder and CEO Jeremiah Chapman. “Maintaining clean, fresh oil enhances the flavor and overall appearance of fried foods, and the test kits, fit for the home chef and commercial kitchens, are a safe, credible, and sustainable guide for users to see when it’s time to filter or change out their oil.”

The newly launched Frying Oil Test Kit ($12.99), made in the U.S., analyzes the contaminant levels in fryer oil, which indicate when it’s time to filter or change out the frying oil. Even more, when using the kits in conjunction with FreshFry Pods, the test kits can help to determine the extension achieved over the life of oil. Users can take a sample of fry oil with the included dropper that lets them visually compare the color to best determine if the oil is reusable or ready to be discarded. FreshFry offers both standard kits with a general discard color as well as custom kits to suit a brand’s specific discard needs. FreshFry’s testing kit, the most affordable of its kind currently on the market, promotes cleaner oil filtration and ensures oil is in the “sweet spot” to cook fried food in the most favorable way.

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About FreshFry

FreshFry is a food manufacturing technology company based in Louisville, KY that has developed the only plant-based, all-natural “pod” on the market containing a proprietary blend of ingredients that cleans and extends the life of frying oil used throughout the food service industry. FreshFry Pods generate savings to restaurant owners in areas such as less overall oil usage, reduced build-up of oil in and around fryers, and lower labor costs for maintenance and disposal of oil.  No additional capital expense or equipment is needed to clean oil when using FreshFry Pods.  With cleaner oil, restaurant owners can negotiate more favorable offtake agreements for oil disposal.  Consumers enjoy the benefits of cleaner oil through higher-quality food that looks better, tastes better, smells better, and provides an improved dining experience.  Visit to learn more.