General Mills Introduces Di Prim’Ordine Farina Flour

We’ve got you covered – on your current flour needs! Our Di Prim’Ordine Farina Flour comes in a 27.5 lb bulk format and offers a high-quality, untreated patent flour milled from a select blend of domestic hard winter wheat. This flour is not only great for pizza dough but also great for artisan bread.

Product Benefits

  • Designed specifically for the Pizza & Artisan Bread Operator! Packed in a smaller 27.5 lb bag, Di Prim’Ordine Farina Flour is optimized for back-of-house and mixing ease
  • Unmatched value: This “00 Style” Pizzeria Premium Professional Flour is made from a domestic winter wheat blend and provides operators with a high-quality, cost-effective flour
  • Excellent for hand stretching and a hot, fast bake

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